jueves, 5 de marzo de 2015

My experience in the Global Classrooms project

For me, Global Classrooms is a great experience to open up your perspective

towards the world nowadays and the issues that affect all of us internationally.

I’ve personally benefited quite a lot from it and learnt so many new things in a

different way from how we’re usually taught in class, which makes it even more


I won’t lie. At first, I was completely overwhelmed with the great amount of

work and time that I knew I was going to put into this project. Nevertheless, as

I progressed and began learning all about the nation I represented, the topic

(which initially was women in government) and all the procedural matters, I

grew in confidence and became more and more enthusiastic about it.

The conferences were amazing. I arrived at the room and, even though I was

really nervous, I remember thinking that the mere fact that I’d made it there was

worth all the hard work and that it was a great privilege. I still think so, especially

when we were chosen for the second round. I cannot possibly express how

lucky I feel.

And it’s not only practicing English and diplomacy, that’s for sure. I’ve also

learnt that through these little things, we might even be able to change the

world. Isn’t that amazing? Even if I don’t win the trip to New York, I will never

forget the honor and the effect that this experience has given to me.

Global Classrooms is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and I feel extremely lucky

and grateful for all that it has taught me. I feel humbled to get here, and if I

could thank everybody that made this possible, I would need three more pages.

However, I would like to thank my teachers and assistants at the IES Parque

de Lisboa for all the work and help that they have provided, and my amazing

classmates and friends who all worked very hard and who deserve to have this

opportunity as much as I do. But in all seriousness, Global Classrooms has

made me change the way I think about the world, and I will always be thankful

for having been able to live this incredibly brilliant and rewarding experience.

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