viernes, 6 de marzo de 2015

My experience in Global Classrooms

Global Classrooms experience was kind of weird because at first I didn’t want to do it because I thought it won’t be as awesome as it was, but now I would repeat it again and again and again.

When I was selected, I didn’t want to do it because it required a lot of work and effort. They told that my new pair was going to be Raquel, and our country would be Papua New Guinea The topic was “Women in Government” and the situation in PNG was very difficult, that’s why we had to research a lot. A week before the real conference, our high school organized a mock conference with a high school of Getafe, and we became friends immediately. The day of the conference, Raquel and I were very nervous because it was our first time and we had to do it perfectly! We did it and we were very proud of ourselves.

A week after, our assistant Steven told us we pass to the next round and we were very excited! We had new pairs, new countries and new topic. I was with Sandra, our country was Poland and the new topic was “Sustainable Energy For All”. That topic was really difficult and complex. But we succeed again and I did it even better than the first time! I was very happy with the owrl I did. 

Personally, I think that Global Classrooms is a way to open your mind and see new perspectives of the world, to improve your ways of working and to become more self-confident. I'm sad because this has finished, but I will always remember the best expierience of my life, because I've grown a lot in knowledge thanks of it. 

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